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PLR INFRATECH, a branch of PLR Group is a leading software development company providing the highest quality information technology services and solutions to a broad spectrum of clients around the world. We bring passion and professional rigor to address stated as well as latent needs of our customers. Our process-driven consultants add knowledge, bring insights and our clients experience us as warm, deeply human, and trustworthy.
PLR INFRATECH, provides value-added information technology solutions and services to its clients by clearly understanding their core business problems, providing top quality technology based solutions. PLR has the requisite expertise, experience, technical skills and business knowledge, developing trust and becoming a valuable asset for its client. We help our clients solve their problems and view ourselves more as a business partner than a provider of information technology solutions.
Our dedication to providing cost effective, high quality services is undoubtedly the reason our services are used by our clients repeatedly for their IT needs.
WE íve provided highly skilled IT professionals to businesses to help them make the most of their IT assets. As committed IT staffing firms, PLR has the people, processes and products for every aspect of the application life cycle. IT has become one of the most crucial components in any business worldwide. At PLR, we understand all your software development needs. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to developing custom solutions.
OUR PROFESSIONALS, are available to assist you throughout your project, offering expertise, methodologies and best practices for every aspect of the application life cycle. Their years of practical experience mean an integrated, reliable project with real return on investment.PLR has a proven record of success in the design and development of web solutions over the years. We provide web solutions to enhance your business, marketing, and profit goals.
 WE operate in demanding conditions, with constant developments in Technology, Management-principles and market demands.  A "temp" is a temporary worker with an organization who is on a third-party (staffing company) payroll. Contingent employees work on a temporary basis either to compensate for the work of an employee. Contract Staffing comes in handy when you wish to enter into a "co-employment" relationship with a labor contractor like us.
PLR INFRATECH, is an excellent center for professional training and aims at imparting Information Technology training in various software. Founders of PLR INFRATECH, the top-notch professionals from the industry actively participate in conducting different training programs through in-person and virtual classes using cutting edge technologies. For the details of instructor-led and real time virtual classes please consult the training coordinator.
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