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Corporate Overview
PLR INFRATECH, a branch of PLR Group, provides consulting and IT solutions to clients worldwide. We partner with our clients to help them leverage technology to better conceptualize their ideas and needs, and to better realize corresponding business benefits.
PLR was one of the earlier companies to have successfully utilized the new offshore model for software services. Today, PLR employs a global delivery model to best serve the requirements of its clients.
WE focus on a small number of industries at a time, building long-term relationships with our clients. Our larger engagements have longevity of 3-5 years, during which we invest in understanding our clients domains and industry-specific best practices, applying it, in turn, to enhance the value of our solutions.
"Ensure customer satisfaction in all our interactions by providing defect-free products and services."
At PLR, we recognized the need for having strong processes, right in our budding stages. A carefully compiled set of processes that drove the delivery engine, later evolved into an industry-strength framework that helped us to achieve a lot.
PLR frequently assists its clients in streamlining their own processes, by adapting and applying the wealth of process improvements witnessed internally. These span software life cycle and support activities, as well as business workflows themselves.
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