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CUSTOM software development creates a great value for specialized business requirements. Custom applications alone meet unique requirements to increase custom satisfaction, streamline in-house operations or integrate external suppliers into a corporate network. Because the requirements are often very dynamic, the application design needs to be scalable and robust to handle newer challenges. Fast changing technologies that enhance the application performance are also to be considered in custom software development.
Our custom software development services range various industries and technologies. Some of our work could be summarized into following applications and technologies:
Application Technologies
  • Business intelligence, data warehousing, data mining…
  • eBusiness, eCommerce…
  • Enterprise application integration, Web services…
  • Enterprise information portal, knowledge management…
  • Client/server, N-tier…
  • .NET, J2EE, Web Services...
  • Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, AIX...
  • C/C++, C#, Java, VC++, XML, COM, VB, Delphi...
  • Rational, Segue…
The main function of a software development life cycle model is to establish the order in which a project specifies, prototypes, designs, implements, reviews, tests, delivers and performs its other activities. It establishes the criteria that are used to determine whether to proceed from one activity to the next. Selections of an appropriate lifecycle and corresponding development methodology and delivery models have a significant influence on the project’s success as any other planning design. The appropriate life cycle model can streamline the project and help ensure that each step move closer to the project’s goal.
PLR’s Approach to application development :
  • Develop a Vision
  • Analyzing the Problem
  • Understanding the customer needs
  • Defining the System
  • Manage changes to the requirements
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