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JEE Training
JEE Training
This hands on course introduces experienced programmers to Sun's Java™ technology and Java programming techniques. The Java platform provides an object-oriented, portable and robust framework for application development.
Core Java
Java Architecture
Data Types
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Adv Java
This hands on course introduces experienced programmers to Sun's Java™ technology and Java programming techniques. The Java platform provides an object-oriented, portable and robust framework for application development.
JDBC - Java Database Connectivity
Introduction, JDBC Architecture, JDBC driver’s classification, 4 types of driver architecture, advantages, disadvantages, example and context to use, about Connection, Using Statement, PreparedStatement, CallableStatement (Calling Procedures, Functions, using IN, OUT and INOUT parameters), ResultSet, Database Metadata, ResultSet Metadata, Batch Updates Using Statement & PreparedStatement.
New Features: Scrollable ResultSet, Updatable ResultSet, RowSet, Cursor’s, Using Array, Using Struct, Using Ref, Creating new SQL User-Defined Types (UDT’s), JDBC Connection pool.
JDBC 3.0 Features: Savepoints, ParameterMetaData, New Datatypes and other changes.
Transactions: ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) properties, JDBC Drivers Transactional Support, Local Transactions, examples on local transactions, Distributed Transactions, Flat Transactions, Nested Transactions, Isolation Levels, Setting Isolation Levels.
Introduction, Necessity of Server side programming, CGI concepts & there problems, Servlet API, Servlet Life Cycle, Passing request parameters, about ServletConfig, ServletContext, HttpServlet, Need of HttpServlet & there advantages, HttpServlet Life Cycle, Using get, post, Using Request Dispatcher (include & forward), using send Redirect, about different scopes (Page, Request, Session, Application), Security Programmatic Security and Declarative Security (Http Basic authentication, Form based authentication), Passing init-parameters to servlet, Internationalization
Session Tracking: Purpose of session tracking, URL Rewriting (concept & example), Hidden Form fields (concept & example), Cookies (concept & example), HttpSession (concept & example).
Servlets 2.3 Features: Filters, Event Listeners (Session Listeners, Context Listeners), and Request & Response Wrappers.
Configuring Servlets with Tomcat 5.x, BEA Weblogic 7.0.0/8.1, IBM Websphere 5.1 servers.
JSP -Java Server Pages
JSP Architecture, need of JSP in n-tire application architectures, JSP tags, Scripting Elements (Declaration element, expression element and scriptlet), Directive Elements (Page Directive, include and tag lib), Action Tags (include, forward, useBean, getProperty, setProperty, plugin, param, params), Implicit objects (request, response, page, out, config, application, pageContext, exception), Using XML syntax for JSP Pages, Validating an XML view of a JSP Page.
Custom Tags: writing JSP custom tags, Tag Library Descriptor (TLD), declaring attributes in custom tags, writing nested tags, iteration tags.
New JSP Features: JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library), Expression Language (EL), Simple Tag Extensions.
XML (eXtensible Markup Language)
Introduction, Need of XML in application architectures, DTD (Document Type Definition), XML Parsers – SAX (Simple API for XML), DOM (Document Object Model), using IBM’s XML4J parser, XML Schemas, XML DB Utility (XML SQL Utility).
XSL: XSL tags (template, value-of, apply-templates…), using apache xalan’s XSLT engine for transformation, XPath specifications, writing XPath expressions.
Java Beans
Using bean API, instantiating bean, invoking methods in bean through bean API
Web Design Patterns
Web Tier Design Considerations, MVC (Model View Controller), Filter Interception, Front Controller, Composite View, Business Delegate, DAO (Data Access Object), DTO (Data Transfer Object), Command Pattern, Application implementing MVC architecture
Struts Framework
Struts Architecture, Creating Actions, Action Forms, Configuring Struts (struts-config.xml), Struts Custom Tag Libraries (html, bean, logic, nested, template), Validator Framework, DynaForms, Tiles.
RMI -Remote Method Invocation
Distributed System Architecture, Java Distributed Technology, RMI Architecture, Dynamic / Bootstrap Clients, Object Passing in RMI, DGC, Activation, RMI-IIOP, Leasing, Transactions in RMI, Security Policies.
CORBA -Common Object Request Broker Architecture
ORB (Object Request Broker), IDL (Interface Definition Language), IDL-Java mappings, Naming Service.
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