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Operation Service
Application Management
Our Application Management services encompass the proactive management of the portfolio of applications through their lifecycle, balancing technology, infrastructure and business demands. We can help to drive improvement and cost reduction where change such as mergers or new implementations has left our client with the multiple platforms and a confusion of application portfolios. We can improve inefficient or ineffective business and IT processes. And we help our clients keep pace with technology.
Data Management
Our data management team utilizes proven methodology, software and tools to build and manage large and secure data repositories, and support customer profiling, data re-duplication, legacy system migration or merger and acquisition projects. Technical solutions are based on "off-the-shelf" toolsets, bespoke solutions or an appropriate combination of the two and we have proven capabilities in the key database technologies.
Infrastructure Management
Our data management team designs, builds and runs large secure IT infrastructures based upon a common support technology and processes. We address the complete IT infrastructures management lifecycle. We can help our clients transform their physical and virtual infrastructures, and we deliver the functionality, reliability and security our clients require, with a measurable return on investment and the assurance of a commercial service environment.
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