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THE CONCEPT of outsourcing has been brewing for over a decade now. Companies all around the world have accepted outsourcing and willingly allocated a variety of in house operations to organizations situated in different parts of the world. The aim is to get the job done, quickly and at the lowest possible cost without affecting quality. It is crucial for any business to stay ahead of competition in today’s fast paced world.
IT has become one of the most crucial components in any business worldwide. At PLR, we understand all your software development needs. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to developing custom solutions.
We at PLR, stay ahead of our competition by offering high class programming talent, uncompromising quality and great work ethics. We strive at exceeding client expectations and delivering timely results.
Advantages of outsourcing your software development to PLR
  • One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing software development to us is the cost benefits. Outsourcing to India guarantees quality work at very competent prices and this results in huge cost reductions for the client company. The client has access to specialized services at comparative low rates
  • India has a very effective education system in place. It combines technical knowledge and communication skills to produce an effective and efficient workforce, like the one we have
  • As software providers in India we are well versed in web and software development. We at PLR, use creativity , skill and expertise to execute the tasks and deliver them
Once the client submits a request for proposal, the project manager assigned to the project conducts high level analysis of the need with the core technical team. The best combination of resources is put together. The team dissects the requirement and analysis scope for any custom development services
The second step in the process is putting together a detailed project plan. The tasks, time, cost estimation, resources, milestones etc is documented and sent to the client for approval. This project plan gives the client a detailed layout of how the project will move ahead
Design and Development
Once the project plan is approved by the client, the actual design and development of the system begins
Testing plays a very crucial part in the successful completion of any project. Our QA team executes the testing process diligently. They make sure all the specifications in the requirement document are achieved and nothing is missed. Bugs found are fixed promptly. Before delivery, yet another round of testing is executed to confirm everything is in place and works as it should
The final system is then presented to the client in the agreed upon time. The system is tested at the client site and approved. Then we hand over the complete system with the source code and other required components. If the client needs training, it is provided at this stage
After sales service
We also provide any added after sales service as and when the need arises. Our team is always ready with any support and services that may be required in the future
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