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Whether We operate in demanding conditions, with constant developments in Technology, Management-principles and market demands. We provide all our clients with Staff augmentation services for contract and permanent employees.
Temporary Staffing
A "temp" is a temporary worker with an organization who is on a third-party (staffing company) payroll. Temporary staffing can meet the short-term needs of your organization or when you want to outsource all your non-core functions to the temporary staff. These functions could range from office administration, accounts, sales and marketing to back office support, so that your employees can concentrate on the core functions.
More and more organizations prefer to hire temps for these functions. In fact, temporary staffing is expected to grow exponentially in the country. In the near future 2.5 to 3 percent of the workforce is expected to be hired on a temporary basis.
Why Temporary Staffing can work for you:
  • Opportunity for organizations to focus on core areas
  • Flexibility of employment
  • Ease of recruitment and replacement
  • Long-term cost advantages
Contingency Staffing
Contingent employees work on a temporary basis either to compensate for the work of an employee on leave or to take up specific jobs that require a seasonal or cyclical work pattern. You can hire contingent workers through us if you do not wish to offer any benefits a permanent employee would usually enjoy from an organization.
Contingent staff is looked upon as a more valuable hiring resource than temporary staff, since the workers have enough time to show their ability to perform and get familiar with office culture, management directives and organization structures. Changing technology, downsizing and rightsizing, an increased complexity to comply with employment laws and the need for cost-efficiency could be the main drivers for hiring Contingent staff.
Why Contingency Staffing can work for you:
  • Flexibility
  • Savings in taxes
  • Access to expertise not available internally
  • Potential savings in overall compensation costs
Contract Staffing
Contract Staffing comes in handy when you wish to enter into a "co-employment" relationship with a labor contractor like us. We would then supply staff for a specific function and time period, at specified hourly rates.
From our side, we maintain your organizationís proprietary information, invest heavily on training and find the people with the right skill from our exhaustive database, to make Contract Staffing a viable option for you.
Why Contract Staffing can work for you
Sufficient personnel at hand for the entire project related requirements
  • Meet the peak time demand, without the need to recruit staff on a permanent head count basis
  • Reduce attrition rate
  • Cost effective
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