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Case Study
Client A multinational company whose different businesses have decentralized IT operations.
Requirements - The client wanted to reduce the project costs, increase efficiency and consistency of the projects under development, so as to ensure Quality Software product development and systemization of processes within the organization. The management mandated continuous process improvement, but the environment lacked consistent processes or tools to manage processes.
Testing background and problem statement: Prior to outsourcing software testing to PLR, the client primarily managed testing at the project level, with no formal process, methodology, tools, metrics collection or reporting. All testing was performed in an adhoc manner at a significant cost.
PLR solution: PLR established a dedicated Quality Team to operate and deliver software testing services. The organization was structured to meet the clients requirement and functioned as an extension of the clients existing IT division to manage projects at different levels. To begin with, PLR validated and tuned the proposed process model. This also built experience with the tools within the organization provided the opportunity to refine metrics and created Subject Matter Experts in domain. PLR developed well-defined software testing processes for the client, including process road maps, estimation models, automation standards and other necessary features. Working with the client, PLR was able to reduce post-production defects through structured requirements analysis and full traceability to test cases. PLR also used its process improvement knowledge to enable comprehensive metrics collection and reporting. This enhanced the visibility and image for IT and its testing services.
Productivity Benefits
  • 24x7 testing model led to reduction in test cycle time
  • Accelerated knowledge transition Quick ramp up and ramp down of resources
  • Perfectly synchronized on-site/offshore set up
  • Skilled Manual and automation testing resources
Productivity Benefits
  • Assurance of business requirements with established Requirement Traceability Matrices
  • Proven and unique methodology for testing
  • Standardization of automation tools
  • Continuous process improvements
  • High test case coverage
Cost Benefits
  • Direct cost savings of nearly 50% for software testing activities
  • Immediate savings in software testing costs by reduction of cost of quality
  • Improvement in delivery of business requirements
  • Reduced costs and time by internally managing resources
  • Higher cost reduction due to low on-site ratio
  • Compressed time to market to provide early returns on IT investments
  • High automation gains
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