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Warehouse Location Manager
PLR has gained considerable insight into how different Warehouses function and what is the best way to manage them. This led to the development of a unique warehouse location management application called PLR Locator. This application helps optimizing and streamlining warehouse processes for goods receiving, dispatching and checking
Transaction programs planned in PLR locator are :
  1. New Part Location Assignment
    • System analyses Part Demand & Dimensions and suggests possible Bin Types and No. of Bins.
    • User may select any of the given Bin Types.
    • System searches Locations with appropriate Bin Type, No. of Bins and Part Shape / Control Item and suggests a Location.
  2. Change Part Location Suggestion List
    • System analyses changed Demand of Part compares with existing Bin Type and Number of Bins and suggests change if necessary.
    • User can change Location of such Parts through Part Location Assignment.
  3. Empty Non Moving Part Suggestion
    • System analyses changed Demand of Part and if the Part is Non-Moving, it is included in Location Emptying Suggestion List.
    • Location Emptying can be carried out based on the above suggestion list.
  4. Change Part Location Suggestion List
    •  System analyses Warehouse Space Utilization and generates Analytical Reports comparing across Bin Types, Zones and Shapes.
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